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Eurasia International MUN

Q. If I cannot attend Eurasia International MUN Conference, can I get a refund?

Answer: No registration fee is entitled to a refund. This is because we have already paid for a lot of our platform based on the number of people that already paid. However, if you are unable to attend due to exceptional circumstances that met with the Terms and Conditions we can consider the refund (for Terms and Conditions and refund policy please click here).

Q. Do you take a recording of the Eurasia International MUN Conference? Can we have the official recording during the Eurasia International MUN Conference?

Answer: We do take video recording during the conference, you can get the official link of the recorded video at a maximum of 3 days after Eurasia International MUN Virtual Conference ends. By applying as delegates in Eurasia International MUN Virtual Conference, you agree that having your photograph taken and license to use your image or video for publicity and promotion of Eurasia International MUN ends. By applying as delegates in Eurasia International MUN and future conference. We will not sell or license the documentaries to 3rd parties for commercial purposes. If you are having a problem of your photos or videos included in our official publicity or publication you can email us at : [email protected]

Q. I need supporting documents for School/University Permission, where can I get it?

Answer: If you need permission letter, LoA or Statement Letter for your University or Sponsor you also can request it to : [email protected]

Q. Do I need to pay for participating in this event?

Answer: Yes, you need to pay. Compared to the facilities you’ll get, let’s put the payment as part of the investment.

Q. My parents asked me who is the top authority and name of him/her plus his/her contact?

Answer: The Product Manager of Eurasia International MUN Conference is Mr. Gading Widyantoro. You can reach him at: [email protected]

Q. Will there be any awards for this virtual conference?

Answer: Yes, there will be some awards provided by the committee. Such as Best Position Paper, Verbal Commendation, Honorable Mention, Most Outstanding Delegates and Best Delegate in each council.

Q. What is the prize for the awarded delegates?

Answer: An E-Certificate and a plaque as a token of appreciation will be sent to the delegate`s house.